What we do

Our bees produce delicious Sonoran Desert honey right here in Tucson. We also partner with organizations who wish to take a proactive approach by hosting our swarm traps around their property.

How does the swarm relocation program work?

It's a great program that generates a lot of interest in the public. People love seeing them and asking questions. They really appreciate seeing such a proactive approach and the bees treated in such a humane way.

We place the boxes in strategic locations and we load them with a vial containing a special blend of pheromones that entices honey bees to move in. By providing an ideal and enticing cavity, you reduce the chances (and risks) of a swarm moving into utility boxes, walls or any other cavities where it would be difficult and costly to remove them and, in some situations, end up exterminated.

What happens when the swarm moves in?

We swap the box with a new one and relocate them to apiaries around Tucson where they can carry on with their vital role in our ecosystem.

This program has been very successful at the Tucson Botanical Gardens and we would love the opportunity to bring this program to you. We are sure you'll love it. The boxes can be painted any color you choose and placed as visible or as out of sight to meet your needs.

We carry an active liability insurance policy that is specific to the management and transport of honey bees and honey production.

Plants to help Honey Bees in Tucson

We have put together this very helpful tool that helps you choosing native plants that are not only low water-use, but will also help pollinators attract pollinators to your garden. You can filter by color, type of plant (perennial, annual, etc) and whether it provides pollen, nectar or both.

Plants for Honey Bees

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