What we do

We humanely remove and relocate honey bees from undesirable locations like sheds, roofs or walls. We serve Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Garner, Clyton, Fuquay-Varina and Holly Springs

What is the difference between a swarm and an established colony?

We are glad you asked! Swarming is the way honey bees reproduce. The queen leaves the parent hive with about half of the bees in search of a new home. They find a temporary spot where the colony can rest while scouts keep searching for an new home location. This process can take from a few hours to a week.

This is the perfect time to relocate them, before they move into a man-made cavity and become an established hive. At this point it becomes much more complicated to relocate them since, usually, the removing process involves cutting into a structure.

What happens after the swarm / colony is relocated?

The bees are moved into a beehive where they can continue performing their vital role in our ecosystem.

Plants to help Honey Bees and other pollinators in Raleigh

We have put together this very helpful tool that helps you choosing native plants that are not only beautiful, but will also help attract pollinators to your garden. You can filter by color, type of plant (perennial, annual, etc) and whether it provides pollen, nectar or both.

Plants for Honey Bees

Have bees? We can help!